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Ortho-Design™ is a leading designer and manufacturer of orthopedic and soft tissue fixation devices. We stand as a beacon of innovation, dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and distributing top-tier biomedical devices while remaining competitive in terms affordability. We believe everyone should have access to superior health care. Established in 2016 we are pioneering the way for sustainable biomedical device supply across the globe.

Why Ortho-Design™?


Our team of skilled engineer product designers operates at the forefront of innovation. We believe in an interdisciplinary approach – collaborating with top surgeons to provide patient-specific implants and anatomical models.

Comprehensive Range:

From orthopedic products to cutting-edge medical equipment, instruments, and soft-tissue fixation devices,  Ortho-Design™ offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to all medical healthcare providers and are continuously expanding according to our clients’ needs.

R&D Excellence:

Our R&D department is dedicated to developing and improving medical solutions, keeping us at the industry forefront. We aim to support surgeons in better assisting their patients. If you have ideas to enhance patient care and operating efficiency, we are eager to collaborate with you. Click here to learn more!


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Our Specialities

Sports Medicine Implants:

Explore cutting-edge solutions with our patented suture anchor range, setting the standard for reliable, effective soft-tissue fixation from head to toe. Crafted with precision and inspired by the insights of top orthopedic surgeons, our products redefine excellence in orthopedics.

Innovation in Shoulder, Knee, and Hip Arthroscopy:

At Ortho-Design™, innovation is not just a buzzword – it’s our commitment. Our interdisciplinary approach and collaboration with leading experts ensure a constant stream of groundbreaking medical solutions with improved clinical outcomes for all arthroscopic procedures.

Custom Implant Development:

Stay ahead in the game with Ortho-Design™. Our commitment to innovation extends to custom implant development, providing state-of-the-art personalized solutions for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

History & Management

Ortho-Design™ was founded in 2016 as a result of the passion and dedication of biomechanical and mechatronic engineers committed to making a positive impact. We are subsequently managed by biomedical and biomechanical engineers with extensive international experience in biomechanics, mechanical, and mechatronic engineering.

With top-quality research and training institutions facilitating product design and development, we uphold specialized modern engineering principles at every step of the creation process, ensuring excellence in our products. Everyone at Ortho-Design shares the drive and desire of our founding managers, i.e., to make a positive difference in the medical community through innovation to improve patient care and make quality healthcare and improved quality of life attainable to all.


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 Ortho-Design specializes in crafting cutting-edge medical devices for orthopedic Sports Medicine surgeries by collaborates with surgeons globally to drive innovation in the field.




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