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At Ortho-Design™, we are dedicated to enhancing patient care and advancing medical technology. Since our inception in 2017, our mission has been to:

Deliver Excellence:

Provide top-tier orthopedic and soft-tissue fixation devices that compete with the best in the industry. Whether it’s refining an existing product or creating something entirely new, Ortho-Design™ is here to deliver excellence in every way.

Innovate Continuously:

Stay at the forefront of medical innovation, dedicated to creating devices to address the challenges you encounter by crafting innovative product solutions.

Focus on People:

Prioritize the needs of surgeons and patients, ensuring that our products significantly improve clinical outcomes. We believe in collaboration for the development of tailored and specialized surgical solutions.

Director Statement

As William Blake said,

“What is now proved, was only once imagined.”

Ortho-Design embodies this philosophy, not just as another manufacturer of suture anchors, but as a pioneer in the field.


Ortho-Design (Pty) Ltd

Ortho-Design™ specializes in crafting cutting-edge medical devices for orthopedic Sports Medicine surgeries by collaborating with surgeons globally to drive innovation in the field.




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