Ortho-Design Vet™ is focused on using interdisciplinary knowledge to create the most innovative, efficient and feasible pet care solutions possible.


What we do 

Ortho-Design Vet™ aims at bridging the gap between innovation, ease of use and affordability in the continually evolving veterinary field. Our team of specialized engineers works alongside veterinarians to create modern and effective pet care solutions. Our mission is aligned with South Africa’s need for quality, locally manufactured products that perform at the highest standard to provide the ideal solution to pet care. Using the interdisciplinary skills obtained from veterinary professionals to certified manufacturers, we provide our customers with superior end-products.

We also have a veterinary R&D department dedicated to inventing and improving new and existing veterinary equipment, instruments and implants. Our skilled design team operates at the forefront of innovation and provides veterinary professionals with patient-specific implants and anatomical models.

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Custom Surgical Guides and Implants

Custom surgical guides and implants are designed specifically for the patient using Ortho-Design’s™ 3D modelling system. Patient CT scans are imported into our biomedical engineering software where they are transformed into 3D bone models. These models can be used to plan surgical interventions including deformity corrections, vertebral stabilisations, complex fracture alignments etc. By using custom surgical guides the time spent in theatre is minimized, surgical accuracy and consistency is increased and implants are anatomically fitted for ultimate patient outcome. 



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