R&D Services

Transform your new and innovative idea into

life-changing reality

Interdiciplinary research, design and development support to ensure successful product realization


Experience and knowledge in both the biological and engineering fields are essential when developing a novel, innovative product in the medical sector. At Ortho-Design™ we pride ourselves in our ability to link these fields to create a unique product capable of changing lives.

Join this life changing revolution by choosing Ortho-Design™ to help design, develop and manufacture your unique idea. By combining your ideas and our resources, we can change the world one step at a time.

Research & Design


Mechanical evaluation and Computer Aided Design ensures realistic product visualization.

At Ortho-Design we initiate the development process by conducting thorough research of the biomechanical and design parameters. A unique design process follows which presents a quantitive representation of your idea.

Patient Specific Design


At Ortho-Design™, we believe in applying modern engineering principles to advance the medical field.

With ISO certified 3D printing technology and by using medical grade material, we can create patient specific biomedical devices. In collaboration with surgeons, our engineers are able to design patient specific implants using state of the art CAD software and CT-Imaging techniques. Our unique development and design process is customized to optimize pre-operative planning and ensure ultimate patient recovery.   


Product & Market Evaluation


A feasibility study focusing on the manufacturing and integration of your product into the market.

When introducing a new medical device into the market, it is essential to evaluate the competitor products and identify the customer needs. At Ortho-Design™ we gather information on the market using our experienced distribution partners. This ensures succesfull first-time product intergration and distribution.

Prototyping Services


3D-modeling and mechanical testing used to conceptiolize and evaluate your design.

Using presision additive manufacturing, we are able to create a realistic 3D representation of the future product. This vizualisation can then be used to improve the aesthetic and functional design.


Manufacturing & Licensing


Internationally accredited manufacturing accompanied by local and international product licensing.

At Ortho-Design™, health and safety is our number one priority. All products are therefore manufactured, sterilized and packed according to the international ISO standards. Furthermore, all products are being registered with MCC, FDA/CE and ISO certification.



Marketing & Distribution


Using a diverse marketing team ranging from medical to marketing specialists, as well as partnering up with with experienced firms, to increase customer staisfaction and service.

At OrthoDesign, we understand that the final and most critical step in ensuring a successful launch of a novel medical device, is the effective marketing and distribution of the product. This is achieved by recruiting a specialised team and partnering with South Africa’s leading distributors



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