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Ortho-Design™ is focused on using interdisciplinary knowledge to create the most innovative, efficient and feasible medical solutions possible.


About Us

At Ortho-Design we strive to design and develop new and improved medical devices, which enables medical professionals to provide the ultimate patient care. Ortho-Design aims at bridging the gap between innovation, ease of use and affordability in the rapidly evolving medical field. Our team of specialized engineers works alongside surgeons to create modern and effective health care solutions.

Our mission is aligned with South Africa’s need for quality, locally manufactured products that perform at the highest standard to provide the ideal medical as well as industrial solution. Using the interdisciplinary skills obtained from medical professionals to certified manufacturers, we provide our customers with a superior end-product.



Ortho-Design™ is the initiative of two biomedical engineers driven by the desire to make a positive difference in the medical community and improve the quality of life for all South Africans.

Founded in 2016, Ortho-Design™ emerged as a result of the passion and dedication of biomechanical and mechatronic engineers committed to making a positive impact.



Ortho-Design™ is founded and managed by a group of biomedical and biomechanical engineers with extensive international experience in biomechanics, mechanical, and mechatronic engineering. With top-quality research and training institutions facilitating product design and development, we uphold specialized modern engineering principles at every step of the creation process, ensuring excellence in our products.



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  •  We offer 2-week and 4-week internships for all engineering students. Please email your CV to info@ortho-design.co.za.


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