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SoftLock™ All Suture Anchor

SoftLock™ All Suture Anchor

The Soft Lock™ All-Suture Anchor is a small all suture anchor used in minimally invasive small joint applications. The UHMWPE material allows for minimal post-operative imaging artefacts and less bone removal whilst still providing high pull-out strength. The small footprint ensures precise placement and fixation advantages when bone real estate is limited. The unique bunched up tripod pattern is specifically designed for ultimate mechanical strength and is combined with instruments that promotes ease-of-use.

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DueLock™ Knotted PEEK Push-In Suture Anchor

DueLock™ Knotted PEEK Push-In Suture Anchor

The DueLock™ Knotted PEEK is engineered for optimal pull-out strength. The DueLock™ ancillary can be adjusted for shoulder, elbow and hip surgery. The Knotted DueLock™ is pre-loaded with a suture anchor used in both small and large-joint repairs.

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Ortho-Design™ specializes in crafting cutting-edge medical devices for orthopaedic Sports Medicine surgeries by collaborating with surgeons globally to drive innovation in the field.




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