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Improving lives by creating modern solutions
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We believe in applying modern engineering principles to the medical field to improve the quality of patient care


Working closely with specialized surgeons in their respective fields, allows us to offer custom design and development services to better lives. Extensive training and knowledge in the biomedical field allows us to design and develop custom implants and anatomical models. This unique service allows surgeons, even in the most complex cases, to fundamentally improve patient outcomes.

Custom Implant Development and Design

Digital anatomical replication and computer aided design ensures precise implant fitting.

By sending in a complete CT scan file of the patient data, the Ortho-Design team can begin the design process for the custom implant. The CT scanned data is imported into Ortho-Design’s modeling software to post-process and convert into usable data. A custom implant is then designed using CAD software. The implant is strategically designed in phases to ultimately create the best solution after which the fixation points and custom implant are 3D printed for actual fitting. The implant is then manufactured according to the specifications. As custom implants are specialized to patients’ needs, a precise quality control process is followed throughout the entire design and development process.


Custom Anatomical Model Development and Design 

At Ortho-Design™, we operate at the forefront of innovation to improve patient care.

The custom anatomical model design and development process begins with patient data acquisition in the form of complete CT scan files. Once these files are received, the Ortho-Design team imports the patient injury data into our software to post-process and convert into usable data. An anatomical model is 3D printed for evaluation and pre-operative planning. After surgeon confirmation, the final model is 3D printed and delivered. 


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