VersaLat Knotless PEEK Anchor

(Rotator cuff repair/suture anchors/ interference screw)

The VersaLat™ is an innovative knotless anchor inspired by a top orthopaedic shoulder surgeon. This knotless screw-in anchor can combined with the VersaTap™ or be used as a stand alone anchor in both large and small-joint repairs. Flexibility is what differs this anchor from its competitors with surgeons being able to fixate any number of sutures/tapes by adjusting the size of the characteristic front loop. The extra suture provided by this anchor can also be used for the fixation of the biceps tendon or any ligament fragments.

Features and Benefits


Spring-loaded button:

  • Allows for one-handed insertion which decreases operating time.
  • Designed for ultimate ease-of-use.

Adjustable suture guide:

  • Ability to load any number of sutures/tapes prior to fixation.
  • Ability to set tension prior to fixation.


  • Provides fixation without conventional ‘knotted’ suture anchors.
  • Eliminates knots associated with tissue irritation.

Available Sizes:

  • 4.75mm (PEEK or Titanium) | 5.5mm | 6.5mm | 7.5mm

Lateral Anchor Assembly

Download the 3D Pdf Document here

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