VersaTap™ Self-Tapping Titanium-PEEK Suture Anchor

The VersaTap™ is a self-tapping, minimally invasive suture anchor used as a medial row anchor in rotator cuff repair and general soft tissue fixation. This anchor is ingeniously designed to combine the advantage of both PEEK and Titanium. The titanium tip allows for self-tapping ability whilst the majority of the anchor is manufactured from PEEK which minimises post-operative imaging effects.


Features and Benefits


Titanium tip:
  • Self-tapping decreases operation time
PEEK anchor body:
  • Minimises post-operative imaging effects
  • Engineered for ultimate mechanical properties (pull-out strength, tensile strength, etc.)
  • Created with an inherent safety mechanism to keep Titanium and PEEK from separating in vivo
Anchor Options:
  • 1-3 sutures can be pre-loaded
  • Available with both normal sutures and needled sutures (open-handle design)
Anchor Sizes:
  • 5mm & 6mm

VersaTap™ Assembly

Download the 3D Pdf Document here

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