VersaPEEK™ 100% PEEK Suture Anchor

The VersaPEEK™ suture anchor is a 100% PEEK suture anchor indicated for use in rotator cuff repair, general soft tissue fixation, and complex fracture surgeries.  This anchor is available in a variety of suture and tape configurations in a closed or open-handle design.  The VersaPEEK™ is engineered for ultimate pull-out strength.


Features and Benefits

  • Minimal post-operative imaging effects
  • Engineered for ultimate mechanical properties (pull-out strength, tensile strength, etc.)
  • Variety of suture/tape configurations available, with and without needles.

Anchor Sizes:
  • 4.5mm | 5.5mm

VersaPEEK™ Assembly

Download the 3D Pdf Document here

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