InterF-ix™ Bioabsorbable Interference Screw

(ACL Repair / Interference Screw)

InterF-ix™ is a biocompatible cannulated screw specially designed for ligamentoplasty surgical techniques like anterior/posterior cruciate ligament reconstructions, reinsertion of the long-head of the biceps tendon or ankle ligaments.

Features and Benefits

High Torque Resistance:

  • InterF-ix™ was designed to reduce the risk of breakage with better distribution of torque.
  • Increases torque failure resistance.


  • Conical tip and specific threads avoid the need to tap even for TCP version.

Special Internal Configuration:

  • Internal design of the tip avoids any contact between the screwdriver and soft tissues.

Double Thread:

  • Double thread that reduces the number of turns to introduce the screw into the pre-drilled tunnel.
  • Improved insertion preserves graft’s integrity.

Flat Head:

  • Prevents tissue’s friction at the bone surface after implantation.
  • Screw can be inserted as far as needed; this is particularly suitable for tibial tunnel.

InterF-ix™ Interference Screws

Download the Pdf Document here

T720620NG 6 x 20 mm
T720724NG 7 x 24 mm
T720824NG 8 x 24 mm
T720924NG 9 x 24 mm
T720730NG 7 x 30 mm
T720830NG 8 x 30 mm
T720930NG 9 x 30 mm
T721030NG 10 x 30 mm
T721135NG 11 x 35 mm

Materials: It is an option of two: 100% PLA and 70% PLA + 30% β -TCP

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