VersaTap™ Self-Tapping Titanium-PEEK Suture Anchor

The VersaTap™ is a self-tapping suture anchor mostly used as a medial row anchor in rotator cuff repair surgery. This anchor is ingeniously designed to combine the advantage of both PEEK and Titanium. The titanium tip allows for self-tapping ability whilst the majority of the anchor is manufactured from PEEK which minimises post-operative imaging effects.


Features and Benefits


Titanium tip:
  • Self-tapping decreases operation time
PEEK anchor body:
  • Minimises post-operative imaging effects
  • Engineered for ultimate mechanical properties (pull-out strength, tensile strength, etc.)
  • Created with an inherent safety mechanism to keep Titanium and PEEK from separating in vivo
Anchor Options:
  • 1-3 sutures can be pre-loaded
  • Available with both normal sutures and needled sutures (open-handle design)

VersaTap™ Assembly

Download the 3D Pdf Document here

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