VersaLat-ST Self-Punching Knotless Anchor

(Rotator cuff repair/suture anchors/ interference screw)

The VersaLat-ST is an innovative knotless anchor focused on drastically reducing operation time whilst providing superior pull-out strength. This knotless anchor is designed for ease-of-use and is implanted on it’s own or combines with the VersaTap in both large and small-joint repairs. Simplicity is what differs this anchor from its competitors with surgeons being able to fixate external sutures/suture tapes or ligaments without the need for a pre-drill/tapped hole. The anchor promotes a single handed insertion technique. The extra suture provided can also be used for the fixation of the biceps tendon or any other ligament fragments.


Features and Benefits


One-handed technique:

  • Promotes ease-of-use and decreases operation time

Unique locking mechanism:

  • Effective & efficient suture tensioning

Eliminates knots:

  • Associated with tissue irritation

Retention suture:

  • Allows for the fixation of any remaining ligament fragments

Engineered counter thread:

  • Allows for dependent rotation of the inner shaft upon anchor insertion

Self-punching titanium tip:

  • Allows for efficient insertion without the need for a pre-tapped hole
  • Adds extra fixation point for increased pull-out strength

Available Sizes:

  • 6mm, 7mm

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