MicroTi™ Titanium Suture Anchor

MicroTi™ Titanium Suture Anchor with Needles.

The MicroTi™ titanium anchor is engineered for optimal small-joint tendon and ligament repair. The anchor is intended for open wrist/hand and ankle/foot soft tissue repairs.


Features and Benefits


The extremely short length of the anchor allows for fixation in restrictive areas.


Titanium Anchor Body
  • Optimal cortical fixation
  • Engineered for ultimate mechanical properties (pull-out strength, tensile strength, etc.)
Anchor Size
  • 2 x 4mm
  • Small diameter allows for precise anchor management
  • Post-less design to avoid tissue irritation and enables cortical
  • Unique post-less design allows for a more shallow hole depth
    when limited bone is available

MicroTi Assembly

Download the 3D Pdf Document here

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