DueLock™ Combination PEEK Push-In Suture Anchor

The DueLock™ is a flexible anchor designed to increase functionality and reduce cost by combining two conventional push-in anchors into one multi-purpose suture anchor. This anchor can be used as a knotless suture anchor as well as a push-in, pre-loaded suture anchor used in both small and large-joint repairs.


Features and Benefits


Knotless Groove:
  • Locking groove provides double fixation in combination with anchor interface fixation
  • Size of groove allows for fixation of up to 3 sutures
  • Provides alternative to conventional ‘knotted’ suture anchors
  • Eliminates knots associated with tissue irritation
Inserter and Anchor Size
  • The anchor can be used in all over the body with different inserter lengths available
Pre-loaded suture
  • The anchor can be pre-loaded with 1-3 sutures

Duelock Assembly

Download the 3D Pdf Document here

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