STATIV All Suture Anchor

Suture Anchors

The Stativ AllSuture Anchor is a small all suture anchor used in minimally invasive small joint applications. The UHMWPE material allows for minimal postoperative imaging artefacts and less bone removal whilst still providing high pullout strength.

The small footprint ensures precise placement and fixation advantages when bone real estate is limited. The unique bunched up tripod pattern is specifically designed for ultimate mechanical strength and is combined with instruments that promotes easeofuse.


Features and Benefits

  • A soft anchor with patented design provides benefits of bone preservation while giving fixation benefits of traditional anchors.
  • Anchor is loaded on minimalistic designed inserter device with bead to give assured centralized deployment into the pilot hole.
  • Small anchor and pilot-hole size allows for multiple anchor placement in difficult insertion areas.
  • The deployed unique tri-pod bunched up pattern doubles in size and gives a superior pull out strength.
  • Reusable instruments ensure reduced cost and less waste.


STATIV All Suture Anchor

Download the 3D Pdf Document here

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